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TIGER Thread Company Limited, who aims to provide best sewing thread and embroidery thread in the world market.
As thread manufacturer, we made thread since 1997! Main products include sewing thread, embroidery thread, cotton thread, polyester thread, nylon thread,rayon thread, core thread, perma core thread and so on. Trilobal polyester filament embroidery thread raw white & color; Rayon viscose filament embroidery thread raw white & color; Bonded Nylon66 Thread, Bonded Polyester Thread,and polyester yarn for weaving, knitting, range from Ne20/1,30/1, 40/1, 50/1, 60/1. Our thread export to United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Latin America, Eastern Europe, South-East Asia, Australia, Africa, Middle East and other countries and regions.
Our thread brands meet the demand of all mid-high end customers. Some of them widely used among high end apparel customers. Products like core spun thread provides a good solution to the problems caused by wash-down. We are located in Wuxi City Jiangsu Province China which is very closed to shanghai city ! 100KM from Shanghai Seaport and Airport. Welcome visit our factory. We will do the best as the excellent quality and good service.