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100% Embroidery Cotton Thread

100% Embroidery Cotton Thread

SKU: cotton-thread-02


– 100% cotton yarn
– Size of cone – 300gms
– Used in high speed automatic embroidery machines
– Dyeable in nature – Minimum Hairiness
– Zero breakage – Good yarn lustre

  • Description

    Product Description

    This yarn is specifically designed for embroidery purpose in high speed machines. The main feature of this yarn is its hairiness factor which is as good as negligible. This provides an added advantage for it to be used for embroidery work purpose with zero breakage in automatic high speed embroidery machines as it does not jam the needle eye during course of run. Specification: – 100% cotton yarn – Size of cone – 300gms – Used in high speed automatic embroidery machines – Dyeable in nature – Minimum Hairiness – Zero breakage – Good yarn lustre
    100% Embroidery Cotton Thread

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