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100% Embroidery Rayon Thread

100% Embroidery Rayon Thread

SKU: rayon-thread-01

100% Rayon Embroidery Thread

1) Manufactured from artificial cellulose fiber
2) Shiny and soft
3) Colors: 500 colors

  • Description

    Product Description

    100% Rayon Embroidery Thread 1.Materials: RAYON 2.Type: 120D/2 150D/2 250D/2 300D/2 300D/6 450D/2 600D/2 600D/3 … Raw White and Dyed , Make-to-order service 3.Color: more 500 colors from hi-ana color card 4.Logo: hi-ana or customer logo 5.MOQ: 60kgs/color 6.Samples Time: 2day 7.OEM Accepted: Yes 8.Application: Computerized Embroidery , Manually Embroidery , Handicrafts , Tassels , Lace Embroidery ,Garment Accessories ,Knitting , Weaving . 9.Packing Details: 12cone/box, 10box/CTN (61*24*37cm) etc… 10.Production Capacity: 40ton/day 11.Payment Term: L/C,T/T,D/P,D/A and cash
    100% Embroidery Rayon Thread

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