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100% Polyster Hand Sewing Thread

100% Polyster Hand Sewing Thread

SKU: sewing-thread-04

100% Polyester sewing thread for cone winding machine

1. Count: 15/2, 20/2, 20/3, 20/6, 30/2, 30/3, 40/2, 40/3, 50/2, 50/3, 60/2, 60/3 and 80/2, etc.

2. Packing: 1000yds to 20000yds/cone, or 0.5kg to 2.0kg/cone, or 50yds to 1000yds/small tube

3. Color: we have color card with 400 different colors, also buyers¡¯ colors are acceptable

4. Quality class: we have two kinds, ring yarn and two-for-one yarn. For TFO yarn, we can guarantee no more than one knot each cone in 5000yds. For other technical index, please contact with us

5. This kind of polyester sewing thread is ideal for cone winding machine use

  • Description

    Product Description

    High strength 100% polyester sewing thread polyester sewing thread, using polyester fibre as raw material, is twisted, dyed and then packed. Material: 100% polyester Main specifications: 15/2, 20/2, 20/3, 20/6, 30/2, 30/3, 40/2, 40/3, 50/2, 50/3, 60/2, 60/3 and 80/2, etc. Packing: 1000yds to 20000yds/cone, or 0.5kg to 2.0kg/cone. Yarn count Usages 20/2 Jeans ,shoes,caps,leather products,etc. 20/3 Jeans,shoes,handbags,leather products,etc. 30/2 Art crafts,handbags,protective suits,etc. 30/3 Jeans,tents,leather products,handbags,shoes,etc. 40/2 Trousers,coats,suits,shirts,etc. 40/3 Protective suits,art crafts,shoes,etc. 50/2 Knitting garments,suit-dress,underwear,etc. 50/3 Art crafts,decoration sewing ,field clothes,etc. 60/2 Ultrathin fabrics,underwear,suit-dress,etc. 60/3 Coats,suits,trousers,bedsheets quilts,blankets,etc. 80/2 Embroidering &clothing accessory 80/3 Underwear,suit-dress,full dress,etc.
    100% Polyster Hand Sewing Thread

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