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120D2 100% Polyster Computized Embroidery Thread

120D2 100% Polyster Computized Embroidery Thread

SKU: embroidery-thread-02

120D2 100% polyster computized embroidery thread
Polyester Embroidery Thread is available in various colors and twists like 108D/2, 120D/2, 150D/2, 300D/2 and so on. Our Polyester Embroidery Thread is popularly used for Upholstery Fabric, Chemical Lace, Guipure, Curtain, Embroidery, Shaggy Carpet, Garment, etc.

  • Description

    Product Description

    120D2 100% polyster computized embroidery thread Density deviation 0.82% Graw ability elongation CV 1.22% Water Shrinkage 5.2% Elongation 20.36% Oil Content <3% Color Fastness >3.5 grade Specifications (1) 100% new imported and eco-friendly raw material (2) High tenacity and low breaking elongation (3) Various colors avaliable and excellent color fastness (4) Timely shippment and timely feedback (5) Suitable for high speed multi-head embroidery machine and shuttle machine including brands like Saurer, Laesser, Hiraoka, etc.Materials: Polyester 2.Type: 120D/2 150D/2 250D/2 300D/2 300D/6 450D/2 600D/2 600D/3 … Raw White and Dyed , Make-to-order service 3.Color: more 500 colors from hi-ana color card 4.Logo: customer logo 5.MOQ: 60kgs/color 6.Samples Time: 2day 7.OEM Accepted: Yes 8.Application: Computerized Embroidery , Manually Embroidery , Handicrafts , Tassels , Lace Embroidery ,Garment Accessories ,Knitting , Weaving . 9.Packing Details: 12cone/box, 10box/CTN (61*24*37cm) etc… 10.Production Capacity: 40ton/day
    120D2 100% Polyster Computized Embroidery Thread

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