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150D2 100% Polyster Compute Embroidery Thread

150D2 100% Polyster Compute Embroidery Thread

SKU: embroidery-thread-03

150D2 100% polyster compute embroidery thread
Polyester Embroidery Thread is available in various colors and twists like 108D/2, 120D/2, 150D/2, 300D/2 and so on. Our Polyester Embroidery Thread is popularly used for Upholstery Fabric, Chemical Lace, Guipure, Curtain, Embroidery, Shaggy Carpet, Garment, etc.

  • Description

    Product Description

    150D2 100% polyster compute embroidery thread Density deviation 0.82% Graw ability elongation CV 1.22% Water Shrinkage 5.2% Elongation 20.36% Oil Content <3% Color Fastness >3.5 grade Specifications (1) 100% new imported and eco-friendly raw material (2) High tenacity and low breaking elongation (3) Various colors avaliable and excellent color fastness (4) Timely shippment and timely feedback (5) Suitable for high speed multi-head embroidery machine and shuttle machine including brands like Saurer, Laesser, Hiraoka, etc.Materials: Polyester 2.Type: 120D/2 150D/2 250D/2 300D/2 300D/6 450D/2 600D/2 600D/3 … Raw White and Dyed , Make-to-order service 3.Color: more 500 colors from hi-ana color card 4.Logo: customer logo 5.MOQ: 60kgs/color 6.Samples Time: 2day 7.OEM Accepted: Yes 8.Application: Computerized Embroidery , Manually Embroidery , Handicrafts , Tassels , Lace Embroidery ,Garment Accessories ,Knitting , Weaving . 9.Packing Details: 12cone/box, 10box/CTN (61*24*37cm) etc… 10.Production Capacity: 40ton/day
    150D2 100% Polyster Compute Embroidery Thread

    With all you have to do throughout the vacation season, you probably haven’t offered a lot believed to making do-it-yourself Christmas playing cards. Homemade cards don’t have to be difficult or take a lengthy time to make. With a few items of scrapbook paper, card inventory, and your stitching machine, you can surprise your family and buddies with your creative vacation cards. I have included below directions for two various simple styles.

    Embroidery needles have a bigger needle eye for the thicker embroidery thread s. They are developed to protect that costly embroidery thread from breaking while you are sewing.

    As you become more skilled at hand tying a quilt, you will discover that it is feasible not to reduce the thread after each knot but keep creating knots leaving loops of thread between every knot. Then when you have arrive to the end of the thread you can go back again and snip in between the stitches and tie the knots.

    Know what you are searching for. With so numerous products to lookup via, you ought to have a basic concept of what you are searching for and how a lot you want to spend. From embroidery blanks to other goods, you know that you are heading to be faced with a great deal of options. Exactly where are you going to begin.

    Over the many years, I have discovered a number of methods to organize my craft and stitching supplies in a way that I can actually find them once more when I require them. As I went via the procedure of arranging them, I was in a position to determine items I no lengthier needed and independent the remaining products into rational teams. As an outcome, I now have all my supplies restricted to one corner of a space and nicely arranged. Now I can discover things when I need them.

    Pull via to leave about 2 inches of thread at the end. Reduce the thread 2 inches from the quilt leading and tie a double knot with the finishes. Trim the threads if wished, but no nearer than 1/2 inch from the quilt leading or you will weaken the knot. That is honestly all there is to it, but now you have to believe about where to put the subsequent knot.

    Be sure to take the color chart with you as well as a small piece of the thread so that you can attempt to match it up as very best as you can. If the store can’t match the right color, generally on the instruction sheet, you might find a website or a telephone quantity where you can reorder what you require. You can also report any defects that you may have encountered in the Needlepoint Kit.